Ashford-international-trucktop-rainy-truck-conditionsRegular truck washes are quickly becoming a necessity as trucking companies’ clients demand clean delivery vehicles (particularly in the food industry); as safety departments recognise that clean lights, windows, and number plates mean safer travel; as mechanics and drivers come to understand the importance of wheel nuts that are free from corrosion and able to be inspected for pre-trips; and as business owners and managers learn that vehicle lives are extended when corrosive salt and traffic film are removed before they cause long term damage.

  • Truckwashes start from only £13
  • Trucks are cleaned using environmentally friendly Quality ISO9002 detergents
  • LPW use the very best in state-of-the-art brush-washing equipment
  • LPW Truckwash reward loyalty and offer discounts to members
  • For safety, LPW ensure that all wheel nuts are visible and that all traffic film is removed from windows and lights so that visibility is at its best
  • LPW Truckwash cover the entire UK, so you can utilise one organisation for all your truck wash needs
  • You get a free tea/coffee in our restaurant when using the truck wash

If you need help or have questions about applying for an LPW loyalty card, opening an account, purchasing truck wash tokens, or for any other questions, email LPW or call LPW on (+44) 8005 428 672 today.