Accounts @Ashford

Terms & Conditions

  • Parking accounts run on a pre-payment basis. Account holders need to maintain a credit balance at all times, otherwise this may lead to suspension of the account facility without prior notice
  • Deposits are based on expected / average monthly usage x tariff x 52/12. Although usage often fluctuates, sustained increases may need to be jointly reviewed by Ashford Truckstop and the account holder
  • An Invoice, statement and vehicle log will be sent to you via email on a monthly basis for reference of usage
  • Any bank charges for funds transfer are to be met by the account holder
  • Any changes to your completed, signed application form must be made in writing by the Authorised Account Contact. We will then amend any details accordingly upon our approval
  • Any changes relating to parking tariffs will be confirmed with the account holder with prior notice being given
  • Reservations – Those who have not cancelled their booking one hour prior to their ETA as stated in our online T&C’s, will be charged for the space reserved. The charge will be for the full reservation period entered and multiple bookings
  • The reservation system allows both drivers and traffic managers to make bookings. If you do not want your drivers to book their spaces, it is your responsibility to advise them
  • Please advise all drivers that cooking on the park is strictly prohibited and could lead to removal from site and if persistent, closure of your account
  • On entering site and taking receipt of their parking ticket, drivers are agreeing to our ‘parking terms & conditions’
  • Account holders are asked to supply an excel file detailing all vehicles authorised to use the account facility. Vehicles not appearing on the authorised list will be required to pay the appropriate tariff by cash or card payment prior to exiting the park. It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure that authorised vehicle lists are kept up to date
  • If you require purchase order numbers to be allocated to your invoice it is your responsibility to advise us of these no less than 5 days prior to the invoice being raised. If they are not received the invoice will be raised without p/o number and will not be amended
  • As a UK company we charge V.A.T. on all Invoices
  • As a part of over planning conditions all refrigerated lorries must hook up to our electric plug-in points. The charge for this is £0.90 per hour and added to the parking
  • Any damage caused to the property/ parking area may result in a fine. This is determined by the amount of damaged caused. This will be included in your invoice.
  • Users of this lorry park do so at their own risk. The Management will not accept reasonability for damage, accident or loss.
  • If you wish to leave site within the 24 hour period for customs and return, you must notify security before leaving, if you do not then you will be charged again.  We will happily hold the space for 3 hours during this period, if you will feel you will be longer then please call +44 1233 502919 letting us know how much longer you will be. 

Pre-Paid Account Update:

As of Monday 3rd January 2023 - Any account applications from this date will no longer be able to remove the £7.50 meal voucher and must be 30 plus parks per month.

Standard discounts offer will be applied of £1.50 = £41.00 (Normally £42.50) inc. £7.50 meal voucher.

Higher discounted parking is subject to 100+ monthly parking volumes or yearly lease agreements. Email for further details.

Admin Fee Charge: 0-10 Parks per month £20.00 + VAT

For more information, please contact us on (+44) 1233 502 919 or contact us today.

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