In past years, truck drivers have been known for their unhealthy lifestyle and body size. This is mainly due to not being able to exercise through long hours on the road, as well as the type of foods offered to them in lay-bys, service stations and burger vans.  Unfortunately, this in turn has increased the chances of ill health and has been the main cause of heart attacks and even deaths throughout this industry.

We at Ashford International Truckstop are looking to change this by offering a healthier option, a better way of life, and hopefully increasing the life span of many drivers.   After completing a survey and looking in-depth into how truck drivers feel and what they really want these days, we decided to invest a substantial amount of money to help with these needs.  Firstly, we have delivered a driver’s fitness gymnasium offering cardiovascular equipment, muscle-building equipment and personal workout plans.  This will run alongside a membership scheme offering them a healthier lifestyle throughout their stay with great discounts on many low-calorie, low-fat and full flavoured dishes.  Finally, we will then look at promoting this throughout the industry and will speak to companies who may want to offer this to their drivers to encourage a healthy lifestyle whilst out on the road.

As a company our ultimate goal is to make sure that drivers have healthy options available, both to give them the chance to be healthier and be more productive whilst at work. This in turn will certainly help towards keeping Britain’s and Europe’s roads safer.

The gym will be called ‘Road Runners’ and will be open from 11th May 2015, 6am – 10pm for 362 days per year.  This is a fully air-conditioned room with a flat screen TV playing music for all, and top of the range equipment including a running machine, exercise bike, rowing machine, cross trainer, multi gym equipment, weights and a punching bag.   The membership deal will only cost £9.95 per year and will give you a gym induction, a free sports drinks bottle and loads of great choices of healthy food & beverage deals.   As an incentive to get fit and healthy we are also offering a highly-reduced pricing structure.

For company membership deals, full training plan offers and many other deals please call us on (+44) 1233 502 919 or contact us for details.